What we had been waiting for so long finally has happened! Now you can be a participant in the film’s action, you can get into the heart of it, the very atmosphere of the film. Nowadays more and more movies are being shot in VR format like on https://xxxreal.com/categories/for-women . People like it, engineers have a job, companies are getting revenues. It seems everyone is happy. But still, some people can’t enjoy this technology because it may harm their health.

Who are these viewers? Let’s discover together:

Users with eye or nerve diseases 

For them glasses are uncomfortable, heavy, they cannot sit in them for a long time. However, only a doctor can make a final recommendation. Because there are possibilities of treating vision problems with the help of virtual reality technologies – in certain portions of time, of course.

Physiologically vulnerable individuals

Here we first of all say about escapism. Will we all die in the virtual world if we can even be satisfied with VR sex rather than real lovemaking? Recently such discussions began to appear more often.  The famous post and photo by Mark Zuckerberg, as well as the Facebook news about the creation of a special department for the study of social interaction in VR, became the pretext.

People who are swayed.

An unexpected problem, which few people experience in virtual reality due to vertigo. This happens because of the out of sync of what we see on the screen before our eyes and the data we receive from our real body. But over the years, the developers have come up with many ways to resolve the problem of upgrading a software level. The task now is only to use the obtained expertise in new projects, following the recommendations, as well as finding new ways of comfortable interaction in a virtual environment.

This is a more complex topic – the impact of innovation on society and society on high-tech. And here it is not difficult to come into extremes, and this is exactly what is happening. Speaking of escapism, you can also complain that the phones have alienated people from each other, forgetting that you can now contact a person on another continent in a few seconds. Or, for example, say that photo albums at home make a person experience more tangible, distracting from the pursuit of something new. On the other hand, the developers of the new platform should have an understanding that their work may affect the life of society.

If your health is OK and you have emotional balance, don’t hesitate to watch VR slots for a way new viewer experience. 

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